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Welcome to Space Pods

Bringing over 25 years of experience in upscaling of modular building we can guarantee you will receive a high-quality garden pod to suit not only your day-to-day needs but with a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space.
Offering incredibly versatile garden pods that can withstand the conditions that nature can throw at us all year round. Our wide range of modular standard and bespoke designs will be a striking addition to any garden.
Rest assured YOU will be with us through each step of the design process. With a personal configurator working closely with you to piece together all design features of your new garden pod (sizing, colour, finish etc…). What makes this even better? You will be able to view the final plan before construction begins to ensure all areas of your pod.
Whether you are looking for that perfect ‘home from home’ office space to an entertainment area… we may just be the right company for you!

Benefits a Garden Building Can Offer You

Additional Living Space

Of course, the most obvious benefit of getting a gardening pod is additional living space. Most homeowners struggle to find sufficient space for everything in their homes. Home extensions offer the best way to increase living space in a home. But lately, garden buildings have assumed this role, and they’re revolutionising how we view outdoor space. Garden pods provide a homeowner with a way to create a personal retreat space, resting room, or reading room.

Quick and Easy Installation

Home extensions come with a long, gruelling installation process. You need to get planning permission and then wait for construction to take place. Let’s not forget the stress it will put you through if constructors don’t get the design right. With garden building, installation is a breeze. Within a week, you will have your garden pod up and ready for use.

A Variety of Design Options

If you love letting your creative side flare or like customising your space, the garden building offers you endless design choices. Besides that, you can enjoy addons like underfloor heating and others. Also, you are not limited in terms of decoration. Like a house, you can paint the garden pod or install wallpaper to make it as homely and appealing as possible.

More Privacy

If you are an individual who likes his alone time, you will love garden rooms. They offer you the privacy you need to relax or pursue your hobbies like reading, watching movies, or listening to music without disturbance or disturbing other people. Additionally, garden pods will look great on all properties.

Why Choose Space Pods For Outdoor Living Needs

Space Pods offer you an opportunity to revolutionise your outdoor living space like never before. We offer uniquely manufactured and designed garden rooms that will add an aesthetic appeal to your space and meet all your needs.
At our factory, each panel is externally prepared and built to interconnect and locate onto a single plate. Therefore, we can deliver and install your garden pod at your home hassle-free. That means less mess and resources are needed. We also finish the cladding process at our factory.
All the screws used to connect the panels are hidden to create a finished aesthetics. Furthermore, each of our garden building floors features solid construction comprising lightweight steel for easy handling. The floor will not wear easily, meaning it will keep you and your family safe from vermin. For the roof, the outdoor structure boasts a high-quality roof that’s low maintenance and durable.
For the best garden rooms and all your outdoor living needs, look no further than Space Pods.

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Highly Recommend Creating Spaces
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I would highly recommend creating spaces, the installation team....
Highly Recommend Creating Spaces
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I would highly recommend creating spaces, the installation team...
Highly Recommend Creating Spaces
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I would highly recommend creating spaces, the installation team...
Highly Recommend Creating Spaces
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I would highly recommend creating spaces, the installation team...

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